Derek Moreton, Esq.

Regional Sales and Marketing Manager


Derek Moreton has been in the legal industry since 1997. As a practicing attorney, Derek was a legal research expert and legal writing specialist. His practice areas included local chancery and criminal law, insurance defense, civil litigation, labor and employment, and injury law. After law school, Derek joined a mid-sized law firm and managed more than 75 eminent domain cases representing the State of Mississippi. In law school, Derek clerked for the United States Attorney’s Office in the Northern District of Mississippi where he argued Social Security appeals cases and tried federal misdemeanor cases.

When not practicing law, Derek worked at Thomson Reuters−first in sales and then as an Academic Account Manager and Legal Consultant where he trained judges, attorneys, law school faculty, staff, and students throughout the Southeast United States how to conduct efficient online legal research and utilize Thomson Reuters products necessary for legal practice. While at Thomson Reuters, Derek was recognized for his leadership skills, marketing campaigns, and innovative ideas which included making significant changes to Westlaw, the world’s premier legal research system.

As a member of the CompulseLegal team, Derek helps attorneys across the United States grow their caseloads and brand awareness by providing integrated legal marketing solutions for any budget.

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