Americans increasingly turn to streaming services to watch their favorite television shows. Our demand management platform reaches over 75 million streaming households through OTT (streaming) advertising. We have integrated partnerships with over 200 third-party data providers for campaigns that can reach any audience of any size. Custom data targeting for specialized campaigns powers OTT advertising that can reach more than 200 million Americans who watch streaming OTT and CTV (connected TV) content.

Why does OTT matter?

  • 71% of all U.S. households use OTT at least 1x a month
  • 15% OTT share all video delivery
  • There are over 200 million OTT and CTV users
  • 80% of all long-form streaming is on a television

Targeting with Data Segments (BITS)

Transparent & Validated Daily Dashboard Reporting

Campaigns Optimized Toward In-Target Impression Delivery​

Scale: Over 4,000 Campaigns a Month, Every DMA, every Zip Code

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