Americans increasingly turn to streaming services to watch their favorite television shows. Our demand management platform reaches over 75 million streaming households through OTT (streaming) advertising. We have integrated partnerships with over 200 third-party data providers for campaigns that can reach any audience of any size. Custom data targeting for specialized campaigns powers OTT advertising that can reach more than 200 million Americans who watch streaming OTT and CTV (connected TV) content.

Why does OTT matter?

  • 71% of all U.S. households use OTT at least 1x a month
  • 15% OTT share all video delivery
  • There are over 200 million OTT and CTV users
  • 80% of all long-form streaming is on a television


Geofencing allows the advertiser the ability to target an exact location or virtual perimeter based on their audience’s location. This is a powerful marketing solution because based on the user’s location, you can target a specific message or advertisement online.

Social Media

Build brand equity, engage with customers, and enhance the overall value of your marketing campaigns. Social media is a cost-effective way to reach and grow your audience, and with our expertise in leveraging Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media channels, we can create customizable paid social campaigns that get you noticed, whether you’re new to social media or have an established presence.


Benefit from our strength and presence in local broadcast markets to see better results from linear campaigns. Begin the customer journey on broadcast and continue it on digital to give customers the comprehensive, consistent experiences that they expect from brands and that drives profitable campaigns.  Reach every conceivable demographic by delivering custom creative across both broadcast and OTT, then continue with targeted digital for comprehensive campaigns with great ROI.


An advertising strategy that keeps you in the mind and eyes of potential customers long after they’ve left your site, retargeting works to convert users who did not purchase your product during their first visit. Retargeting reminds browsers of your business while they view other websites on the internet via “cookies,” and this reminder increases brand awareness and often leads to higher conversion rates.

Display Ads

We give traditional display greater flexibility, broader reach, and more impact with advanced contextual targeting and retargeting, geofencing, and other features that go beyond what turnkey providers offer. As a certified Google Partner, we can place digital advertising campaigns on more than two million publication websites to quickly increase exposure and generate traffic. Robust analytics, including performance by publisher, day of the week, and geographic, along with impressions by device, make it easy to optimize campaigns with evidence-based decisions.


Search engine marketing, or SEM, is the strategy by which businesses use paid advertising to market their goods and services. Unlike search engine optimization (SEO), SEM uses metrics such as pay-per-click (PPC), cost-per-click (CPC), and cost-per-mile (CPM, or “thousand impressions”) to measure success. Utilizing this form of advertising is invaluable when you wish to target individuals who use Google.

Web Design

From custom websites to landing pages to logo design, our designers and developers can cover any business need. We specialize in delivering user-friendly packages that can be operated and edited by individuals with no coding knowledge. Our fully responsive WordPress designs are simple to manage and master, making it easier than ever to market and brand yourself to customers.

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