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They didn’t teach us this in law school

We know how frustrating it can be to get new clients. With the multitude of digital advertisers and tech vendors, it is increasingly difficult to stay on top of the industry. CompulseLegal helps solve the challenges of legal marketing and advertising. We offer one of the industry’s largest suites of digital advertising solutions, along with a team of attorney marketers who have been helping law firms for over 15 years. Our team is hyper-focused on making the digital ad buying process an easy one. We strategically focus on ROI and eliminate the headaches of working with multiple vendors.

Expansive Market and Proprietary Data

Award Winning Tech

More Effective Than Other Methods

Measurable R.O.I

Ongoing Consultation and Optimization

24/7 White Glove Support


With one of the largest digital advertising product suites available, coupled with proprietary insights and data, CompulseLegal has the right solutions and proven strategies to help drive results for your law firm.

We also have data and lots of it. What does that ultimately mean for the law firm? This helps us ensure your ad campaigns are smart, targeted and efficient, because that’s what drives ROI and profits.

Finally, our people. We’re proud of our people. Our team has 4 attorney-marketers who have spent over 15 years helping law firms be the best they can.
Our research and account management Teams have spent time working with or actually in law firms for a majority of their careers. We think they’re the best the industry has to offer. True legal marketing partners for your firm!

CompulseLegal is the legal marketing division of Compulse, one of the leading marketing technology and managed services companies, built for local media and agencies.

Combine the agility and smarts of a technology startup with the business acumen and leverage of a large corporation and you get CompulseLegal.
We have a large team comprised of marketing strategists, legal experts, brand champions, developers, and designers ready to help you dominate your market.

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